About us

We're Farmers too

Horsepower was created by farmers for farmers. We believe the future of agriculture will be built on relationships, and we want to help you cultivate those connections. That means creating a tool to empower sellers and buyers to sell what they grow and buy what they need from each other.

We believe in the handshake – in knowing where your products came from and where they’re going.

What we do

Horsepower is the online farm-to-fork marketplace, where you can:

  • Sell what you grow through intuitive online storefronts and visual posts.
  • Buy what you need – from artisan jams and local produce to livestock and farm equipment.
  • Harness the power of social media to broadcast your products or your finds to your network.
  • Cultivate a community around fresh, local products.

Who we would like to thank

Horsepower would like to thank the following for providing icons for our site:

New to Horsepower?

Welcome to Horsepower! The place where you can sell what you grow and buy what you need!

  • Broadcast your products to anyone, anywhere, anytime
  • Direct communication between farmers and you.
  • Find fresh products from real people
  • Transparent Community from farm-to-fork
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