Frequently Asked Questions

Does Horsepower take a cut of my sales?

No. At Horsepower, we believe in the power of direct sales and in sellers taking control of their businesses. That means that we don't take a percentage of your sales. You can sell as much or as little as you want with Horsepower.

How does Horsepower make money?

Horsepower runs on a subscription model. While creating posts are always free, users who want to put a little more horsepower in their business can buy a monthly subscription to get more features, including upgraded storefronts, premium posts, and analytics. You can also pay Horsepower to manage your account, including marketing and online presence.

What if I already sell things through my own website?

That's great! Your reach to be as broad as possible, and your own site should always be your home base. Horsepower's growing community of farmers and food-lovers will expand your reach and give you extra marketing power. If you have questions about integrating your existing online presence with Horsepower, we're here to help.

What if I have no online presence?

Horsepower is just what you need. We're a friendly bunch, and we're ready to help you get set up and start reaching more buyers. The site is easy to use and easy to share. We strongly encourage you to attend an upcoming Farmer Connection or come by the office so we can chat with you and get you set up.

What are pick-up spots?

When there are enough participants, Horsepower hosts pick-up spots around San Luis Obispo County for products purchased through the website. This is a great way for farmers to build relationships with consumers and quickly and efficiently get their their goods! Interested in hosting a pick-up spot soon or in your area? Let us know at

What are Farmer Connections?

Once a month, we bring local farmers, restaurateurs and customers into the Horsepower headquarters for coffee and scones. We want to meet you all, answer questions, and facilitate networking and the building of a community around fresh, local food.